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(n.) To do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work. 

Meraki Wellness is a holistic care center providing non-invasive modalities to help ensure optimal health and wellness for the whole family. We believe reducing the body's inflammation and stress is essential to grow and sustain life at all stages. We care for all members of the family but have a strong focus and specialty on prenatal, pregnancy, postnatal, and pediatric care.

To help families reach optimal health by listening to their concerns, identifying the root cause, and using education along with natural therapies to reduce interference, and stressors within the body, allowing the body to heal and excel.

The elephant is symbolic of everything we hope to provide for our patients and our community; wisdom, grace, patience, success, experience, good luck, loyalty, companionship, unity, and more.


[May-rah-kee] Greek

Our Mission

The Elephant


Behind Meraki

We are family owned and live in the community

We are the Rufs, made up of Jordan, Dani, and our three dogs Abigail, Meika and Enzo. The driving force behind Meraki is Dani, she has had the vision and has been planning this for several years with the support of Jordan and the pups. As she continues to finish her last few trimesters of interning in Chiropractic school we decided to go all in and open a wellness center where she can provide alternative care services to the community and eventually chiropractic care. 

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“I did a float session today. It was extremely relaxing. I will do another one and I’m looking to book other services there too! Dani is very knowledgeable about the services and the space is very clean and welcoming.”


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